Dr. Obimbo Madadi organises a collaboratory at the University of California San Francisco
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Dr. Moses Obimbo 

Dr. Obimbo Madadi, MD, Ph.D. organized a collaboratory at the University of California San Francisco. The title of the talk was Placenta infection and prematurity; community engagement across the globe. The meeting drew participants from the medical and scientific fraternity and the community of the University of California San Francisco. It also had invited virtual participation from around the world. His invited speakers were, Jessica Amezcua and  Sachi Patel, who are Clinical research coordinators in San Francisco and Prof. David Aronoff MD, FIDSA, FAAM, Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and the founding Director of the Vanderbilt Pre3 Initiative (Preventing adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Prematurity).

The aim of the talk was to demonstrate to the audience the importance of community involvement in placental research and show how findings from such work impact the community.


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