Recommended Journals and textbooks
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Translational Research in Anatomy journal homepage:

Journal of Anatomy - Wiley Online Library

Annals of Anatomy:

Clinical Anatomy:

The Anatomical Record:

Journal of Morphology:

Annals of Anatomy:

Brain Structure and Function:

Developmental Dynamics:

Anatomical Sciences Education:

Aging cell:

Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology:

Human Genetics & Embryology: 

The journal of clinical embryology:

Journal of Embryology & Developmental Biology:

Development & Reproduction

Journal of Developmental Biology:

The journal of cell biology:

European Journal of Cell Biology:

Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy:

Brain A journal of neurology:

Ear, nose and Throat journal:

Journal of Reproductive Immunology:

American Journal of Otolaryngology:

Standring S: Gray's Anatomy, 41stEdition, eBook ISBN: 9780702047534


Weiss L. XX. Cell and Tissue Biology: A Textbook of Histology (Hardcover)

Carlson BM. Stem Cell Anthology: From Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Cloning, Regenerative Medicine and Biology 1st Edition

National Academy press. 2002. Stem cells and the future of regenerative medicine

Anthony Atala A and Lanza R.2012. Handbook of Stem Cells, Two-Volume Set 2ndedition:

Lanza R and AtalaA.2014. Essentials of Stem Cell Biology, 3rdedition