Hemed El-Busaidy Awarded as the top student
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Fri, 2013-08-02 08:59
Hemed El-Busaidy (Left), recieving a gift from Dr. Manu Chandaria (Center). Deputy VC - AF, Prof. Mbithi (Right), looks on.
Hemed El-Busaidy (Left), with Dr. Manu Chandaria (Center) and Prof. Mbithi (Right)
Hemed El-Busaidy recieved four top students awards during the University's meritorius award ceremony on 2nd August 2013. This follows his exemplary perfomance in B.Sc. Anatomy (2009/2010). El-Busaidy recieved the following Awards;
  1. GANDHI SMARAK AWARD: A Gold medal for being the overall best student in the whole university with the highest proficiency in both academic and extra-curricular activities (academic year 2009-2010).
  2. DOCTOR WANGAI MERITORIOUS WHOLISTIC AWARD: for being the best MBChB student who has exemplified the most wholistic qualities.
  3. THE KMA PRIZE (MBChB Prize) for being the best final year student in the Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of surgery (2009-2010).
  4. UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PRIZE: for being the overall best student in the College of Health Sciences (2009-2010).

Hemed Making his remarks during the ceremony

Hemed El-Busaidy recieving a cheque from the UON Alumni Association

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