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  • The department adopted and practices the integrated approach of teaching Topographic, Microscopic, Developmental, Radiological and clinical anatomy.

Topographic Anatomy

  • Didactic lecturers and small group supervised Regional dissection of cadavers tutorial system.

Microscopic Anatomy, Cytology, Histology, Organology

  • Systemic approachPermanent slides from primates (vervet monkeys), and student microscopes. Augumented by a closed circuit television network.

Developmental Anatomy

  • Didactic lectures on normal and abnormal development.Small group tutorialsEmphasis on the developmental basis of common malformationsBasic embryologySystemic development.

Radiological Anatomy

  • Principals of imagingStudying of images of normal and abnormal anatomy.

Clinical Anatomy (Applied Anatomy)

  • The anatomical basis of management of clinical conditions.

Research ActivitiesMain areas

  • Cardiovascular Anatomy
  • Neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration
  • Anthropometric and growth studies
  • Connective tissue with special reference to elastic fibres
  • Community ServiceThe Department runs a professional mortuary service at an affordable fee.